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Umani Ronchi Rosso Conero Serrano 2019


Umani Ronchi Rosso Conero Serrano 2019, 75cl

Serrano is a wine which expresses the typical character which distinguishes Rosso Conero DOC. It is the result of a blend between Montepulciano and a small proportion of Sangiovese, both vinified using techniques aimed at emphasising fruit and approachability, typical qualities of production areas near the Adriatic.

Ruby red colour with violet tints, with a characteristic vinous bouquet from which emerges a clean aroma of ripe black cherry which dominates the senses of smell and taste. Plenty of flesh and great roundness of flavour, combined with good structure, ensure pleasant drinkability.

Particularly suitable for going with stuffed pasta, grilled dishes, spit-roasted pork, game and braised dishes, as well as a rich cheeseboard of mature and tangy cheese.