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Torre Rosazza Altromerlot


The grapes are rigorously harvested by hand and selected plant by plant. Next, they are de-stemmed and placed in steel wine-making vats at controlled temperatures where the musts and the skins remain in contact for 8/10 days. Complete malolactic fermentation is then carried out, followed a by long refining process in Allier durmast barriques which lasts for at least 24 months.

This ruby-red wine is intense and lively. The nose will recognize the delicate perfume of small red berries and blueberry, followed by hints of musk and forest brush. The mouth will immediately delight in the wine’s noble lineage—elegance is its most evident characteristic. Its softness engulfs the palate, recalling red fruit preserves that evolve, giving off a discrete hint of wood. Expect long persistence.

This wine has great versatility at the table. Though it has a noteworthy structure, it combines well with light, elegant dishes thanks to its refinement. It’s a great match for savoury first courses like bean soups and flavourful meat dishes like roast, veal shank and mixed grilled meats.

75cl / 14%

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