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Pajzos Tokaj Harslevelu 2018



In 1737 the Tokaj Wine Region was declared the first closed wine region in the world; since 2002 it has belonged to the UNESCO World Heritage. The area of 6202 hectares (15,325 acres) lies in Northeastern Hungary, in a triangle between the Sátor hills of Abaújszántó and Sátoraljaújhely and the Kopasz hill in Tokaj.

Wines created in the Tokaj Wine Region have a unique character, a distinct minerality. They have a wonderfully taut acid structure and offer wines perfect for a light or a heavier meal or simply to enjoy during a pleasant lunch.

Hárslevelu, which translates to ‘lime leaf’ in the native tongue, is a grape that – like Furmint – is used to produce the famous and timeless dessert wines of the historic Tokaj region. Here, in its dry form, the grape showcases its aromatic, blossomy character on top of a peachy palate that is tempered by the trademark, zingy acidity that this grape and region has become known for. A superb wine that will pair beautifully with an array of dishes ranging from salads to cheeses (especially blue!) and white meats.


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