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‘Les Dissidents’ Préjugés


Domaine de Ventenac is found about 10km north of Carcassonne in the appellation of Cabardes which, because of its location between the Massif Central on one side and the Pyrenees on the other, enjoys a climate which is an interesting mix of Mediterranean and Atlantic influences ensuring ideal conditions for growing all sorts of grape varieties.

Maison Ventenac proposes original, unique wines, always remaining true to the same principle : respect for the grape and its organoleptic qualities. All production benefits from the same focus on quality, from Pays d’Oc PGI cuvées all the way up to the premium Cabardès PDO wines.

The “Dissidents” also went on to give birth to the “Pagans”. Why did we choose this name? In rejection of all forms of oenological or viticultural dogma. Far removed from the “Languedoc standards”, from “the usual way” or from “common practices”, these wines are the exception to the rule. Even by our own house’s particular standards! By daring to brave “prejudice”, we have gone against the original conception of white wine by ageing a Chardonnay in casks for a few months. The Grenache that is historically used in our rosés because deemed uninteresting in red, makes up 100% of our “Paria” cuvée. Less exclusive than the “Dissidents”, these wines were nevertheless crafted to the same standards and with the same sense of transgression. They are unyielding, and affirm the frank identity of our terroir and the love we feel for it. They excel in their freshness, juiciness and minerality. These are signature wines, flag-bearers of the knowledge and skill of Maison Ventenac, in a rather more extreme style than that of the Chateau.

Préjugés – It is not in my nature to raise a white wine in wood. Barriques really aren’t my thing.. But having a taste for contradiction and experimentation, I have found that this type of “elevage” lends itself well to a crisp Chardonnay with mineral notes. This experiment was quite a revelation to me! As they say, only fools never change their opinions!
Signed, a not so stupid winemaker.

75cl / 13%