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Bushmills Pomerol Cask 2012


The Bushmills distillery has been around since 1608, making it the oldest distillery in the world.
The Giant’s Causeway is a place very close to the small village of Bushmills. The Causeway Collection was inspired by this place.

THE CAUSEWAY COLLECTION Single Malt Irish Whisky Pomerol Casks matures first in Oloroso sherry casks, as well as bourbon casks. Through the refinement in Pomerol casks, the whiskey gets its distinctive finish. The Pomerol wine casks come from the famous Pomerol wine region in Bordeaux, France. These barrels were previously used to store Pomerol red wines, which are usually made from Merlot grapes.

Distilled: 03 April 2012
Bottled: 2022

This is a limited bottling.
Tasting notes:
Color: Bright amber.
Nose: Delicate, fruity.
Taste: Sweet, notes of wild berries, green apples.
Finish: Long lasting.