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Killowen Dark Rum – Cask Aged / Solera Method – Small Batch


Killowen has been working quietly on a Dark Rum for some time.
Unlike many other Irish Rums, this is Irish born & bred. It is not a spiced rum or a bought-in Liquid. Instead, it is fermented onsite at Killowen from 50% blackstrap molasses and 50% Sugar only.
The wash is distilled by Killowen’s flame-fed copper pot stills and worm-tubs, the first still uses a copper thumper keg which acts as another half distillation, hence the bottle stating, ‘2.5 times distilled’.
Solera method cask aging was chosen for this dark rum using a range of casks. The distillate was first laid down in a series of 6 ex-bourbon 50-liter firkins, then a PX Sherry Cask, and finally in heavily charred Cabernet Sauvignon casks.
Like all Killowen spirits, this distillate is a cut above all other quality rums. The focus on pot still distillation and cask aging is evident in a viscous, well-balanced, spicy, heavy, and molasses-led flavor that acknowledges its raw ingredients and cask aging method.
50cl / 55%

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