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Boatyard Double Gin and Tonics Gift Set


The ‘double’ in Boatyard Double Gin refers to our distillation process and a purist’s approach of placing juniper at both the start and end of the process. The juniper first rests in wheat spirit in the still along with other organic botanicals. Our final spirit then flows through juniper once again in our vapour chamber. This double contact method, which Dutch genever distillers would term ‘dubbel gebeide genever’, results in a more pronounced juniper flavour.


50ml Boatyard Double Gin 150ml Tonic – Method: Fill the glass to the top with ice and pour the gin slowly. Then pour the tonic and add the grapefruit garnish. – Glassware: Highball Ice: Cubed Garnish: Grapefruit slice.


70cl / 46%

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