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Hennessy V.S Limited Edition by Felipe Pantone


The Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Felipe Pantone is based on the artist’s original artwork “W-3 Dimensional Three Stars”, a piece inspired by Hennessy’s past. Felipe Pantone became fascinated with Hennessy’s archive library in Cognac. He leafed through old labels and advertisements, surveyed antique bottles and packaging, and appropriated the three-star motif for his own exploration of the Cognac’s visual signifiers. In addition to revisiting the three-star design, a motif used in the past by Maurice Hennessy, Felipe Pantone developed a fresh rendition of an archival quilted pattern. He then incorporated heritage finds with his own signature shapes, giving the Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition by Felipe Pantone extra punch with an iridescent lightning bolt that splices the canvas, symbolizing the speed of the digital era.

Tasting Note

On the nose, Hennessy Very Special brings together an intense and fruity character with pleasant oaky notes. In the mouth, powerful flavors evoke grilled almonds, supported by the fresh, lively notes of the grapes.