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Darroze Les Grand Assemblages 8 Year old


For several generations, the Darroze family has scoured Gascony in the Grands Crus centre of the Bas Armagnac region. Thousands of centuries old treasures are held in stock at the Darroze house. This diversity in crus, vintages, grape varieties and styles has allowed Marc Darroze to work on this range known as Ç Les Grands Assemblages È (The Great Blends). Chosen for their complementary characteristics, the selected armagnacs in each blend are of different ages. Each age on the bottle indicates the age of the youngest Armagnac in the blend.

This blend with very little wood influence, displays a predominance of fruity aromas, along with a variety of other flavours, including prunes, candied orange zest and quince to name but a few. A straightforward armagnac that is highly strung but nevertheless smooth and enveloping. You can drink this armagnac as an aperitif, with or without ice and also use it for cocktails.

“”This golden Armagnac is light and delicate, with aromatics of honey, fresh pears and peaches, and a light, creamy honey flavor that’s mixed with faintly perfumed white flower and pear notes. Although it almost seems a shame to mix, it would be lovely in an effervescent drink with ginger ale or sparkling wine.
93 Points.”
Wine Enthusiast, October 2017.


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